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UK summons French ambassador amid fishing dispute

The two countries have feuded intensely over fishing rights since the UK’s decision to leave the EU. The move comes after France seized a British boat in French waters.

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UN special envoy to Myanmar condemns bloodshed

Myanmar’s generals should face court for their actions, says Tom Andrews, the UN’s special envoy to the country. This comes a day after more than 100 people died, when military forces opened fire on anti-coup protesters.

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Australia floodwaters rise as rescue services help locals

Huge swathes of eastern Australia remain under floodwater, after a week of relentless rain. Emergency services are now rescuing residents from inundated homes. New hazards are emerging, with dangerous debris lurking in the floodwaters.

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A comeback to politics for Brazil’s Lula da Silva?

A supreme court judge in Brazil has thrown out corruption convictions against former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The annulment opens the way for Lula to challenge Brazil’s current hardline leader Jair Bolsonaro in the next election.

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Pandemic overshadows International Women’s Day

A United Nations commission says the global health emergency has forced women to take on more housework, homeschooling and caring, while – in many cases – also losing their jobs. Across the world, they’ve been speaking out.

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EU and Turkey’s ‘sofagate’ blame game enters round 2

Brussels and Ankara are trading recriminations in the wake of a diplomatic faux pas that observers say smacked of Turkish chauvinism. Turkey has now claimed that it was following EU instructions.

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Afghanistan, Pakistan: At least 200 killed in monsoon floods

Families and rescue workers are searching through the wreckage for survivors.

by Raheela Mahomed – 28. August 2020

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Indians call for compensation over oil well blaze

Firefighters have so far failed to put out a huge oil well blaze which has been burning for two months after thousands of farming families in Assam state were forced from their homes.

by Raheela Mahomed – 26. July 2020

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Pakistan coronavirus: Concerns grow over use of low-quality masks

In Pakistan’s poorer neighbourhoods, medically approved face-masks are a luxury many cannot afford.

by Raheela Mahomed – 09. June 2020

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Idlib’s displaced: Syrians return home for Eid celebrations

In spite of widespread destruction wrought by government bombardment, they missed home and wanted to return for Eid.

by Raheela Mahomed – 26. May 2020

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